Pediatric Dentistry

Your child’s smile can be cared for starting at a young age, and we want their dental experience to be pleasant and fear-free! Pediatric dentistry is important in giving your child a good dental foundation as their teeth develop and grow. Give your child a healthy start by taking care of their smile! 

What age should your child have their first dental appointment?

One year of age is recommended for a child’s first dental appointment. Most likely, extensive treatment and x-rays will not be performed during their first visit. The main reason for bringing your child in at such a young age is not only to check for early signs of tooth decay, but also to help them feel comfortable visiting the dentist from a young age.

Do my child’s baby teeth play an important role in their future smile?

Yes! In several ways, baby teeth lay the foundation for their future smile. First of all, it is important to prevent severe decay in baby teeth because this decay can pass to their permanent teeth. Permanent teeth begin to grow many times before their baby teeth have fallen out, allowing the decay to pass from one tooth to another. Also, if the baby teeth fall out too soon, spacing may become an issue as teeth may shift out of place before the permanent teeth grow. Spacers can placed to keep teeth from shifting out of place in situations where gaps are left in a child’s smile for long periods of time.


Dental sealants are recommended on baby molars to protect them from decay. Sealants are made of a plastic material and are used to coat the back molar teeth, protecting the deep crevices of the teeth from holding food and forming cavities. Your dentist can help you determine the best time to place sealants on your child’s teeth. 

Give your child a bright dental future by laying a good foundation for them now in their dental habits. Regular dental visits and proper dental hygiene will go a long way in preserving their smiles for the future!

If you are in need of a pediatric dentist in Modesto, CA, call us today! We would love to help your little one begin their dental journey!